Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new years revolutions

In no particular order.

Be less of a bleeding heart liberal and more of a stabbing heart revolutionary.
Drink more frequently and pay less money for it.
Learn to sew.
Acquire attractive weapons; shoot television sets in the forest.
Eat more trash.
Vomit more frequently; also, vomit eye out once more--that shit looked tough as hell.
Sell most possessions in order to be more frequently possessed by Dionysus.
Finally get a fucking typewriter and cut all ties to the despiritualizing world of computer-aided poetics.
Catch up on all the weird Baltimore and New York music that has been lately floating past my world without so much as a signal unless I happen to stumble across it on Myspace and my ears pulsate like an long-denied orgasm finally coming to staggering fruition.
Become more of a fag and also more of a greaser.
Discover more Italo Disco.
Do whatever the opposite of "chilling out" is.
Up my game in the magic/occult department.
Listen to Ghost Mice more frequently.
Get to know Insane Clown Posse with decreasing irony.
Become a better drummer.
Disrupt at least one church service a month.
Get that tattoo of Kafka's mug on my wrist. Maybe also get a Kafka mug. Who knows?