Thursday, December 24, 2009


Christmas is a good cross-section of everything I hate. It's got: family values, consumerism, tacky decoration, and, of course, Christian dogma. I suppose revelling in the cheese of Christmas-- one of the two things you can't talk shit on in America (the other thing being anything associated with 9/11 that isn't middle-eastern), is something of the last resort of the disenfranchized from xmas glee...With so many smiles and so many sweaters, how can your young heart not feel warmed? Christmas is a time when we can all get TOGETHER...the awkward reunion of disparate members of the extended family unit who can participate together in various banal and impersonal rituals after clammering around in the chaotic tide of aggrivated shoppers shovelling out Christmas Savings dollars to the ultimate support of grand imperialist exploitational systems which lock in place the impossibility of global "together"ness...

Anyway, here are two grand Christmas relics from this year which should inspire joy in the hearts of people of all ages:

and this

Happy hollowdays.

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