Thursday, December 10, 2009

more dino jokes, plus some other words

What do you call a New Age dinosaur?

A Tarotdactyl.

What do you call a dinosaur that wants everything immediately?

A Prontosaurus.

Okay, in all seriousness, kids, it's time to get serious. No joke this time, no more dilly-dally, no foolie, no goalie, no homo, no habla Esperanto, the tongs are in the bongo, the bong is in the mudroom, the frog is in the butt zone...

If life gives you lemon lime, make Sprite!
If life gives you lots of time, get on Skype!
If life gives you corporate hegemony, get a new life!
If life gives you Doctor Pantomime, get a doctor that talks!

But anyway seriously guys Netflix. No joke, Twitter til you shiver. Tweezer til you seizure. get on Facebook, text 2012 for deals on Coke, no joke, limited time cougher, limited lemon lime saucer, a new dime for every time you fall and get your paws hurt, it's all true, it's all here, it heals, it's a deal, the real deal, no imitators, no agitators, no radical papers, no bad invaders, no sad or mad or bad State haters...

Yo guys though seriously, shit is pretty chill. I haven't felt this good since before Quatzelcoatl came back. I feel like a New world order. You guys are great. Stay in school and then get a job.

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